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Once upon a time an overall consideration about the countries of Southest Asia. Once upon a time my opinion, my cultural heritage, based on movies and books and music, about Vietnam.

My western citizen`s perspective it was.

Altough there was my experience of travelling, going abroad, have fun with friends.

All of those things took place in my soul and moved myself to apply for this EVS.

Actually all of them were incomplete, fallacious at last.

After one month I spent here, I definitely must admit that I was wrong.

Vietnam is more than I expected, Vietnam is astonishing.

Something byblically impressive is putted throught the streets of Hanoi, some kind of savage tropical nature life mixed and well-shaked with the enormous buildings which draw the skyline on the smooth flat horizon line.

Even the sun rises differently.

In my hometown it`s a golden shining disc above the deep blue sea, whom is filled by  thousands rebel honey diamonds . Here is His Majesty the  Godness of Sun whose the rays shine along thousand miles of  mirror looking lakes.

I had to start my report in this way and it is still not enough. It doesn`t account yet the greatness of this country.

By the way, myself has been introduced to such a greatness  by one of the longest airplane trip in my life. It has begun  after a  false-start,  due to the deleted plane whom should had  leaded myself to Istanbul and then to Saigon and then to Hanoi.

I had been very worried about it, but fortunately I left from Palermo the week after and everything went smoothly as silk.

First I arrived in Hanoi, just in time for being involved in the crazy Lunar New Year celebrations atmosphere. Thanks to SVJ Vietnam I had the opportunity to take part in one of its workcamp, when the teaching activity of my project couldn`t begin because the schools were closed.

With volunteers from China, Corea, Thailand, Japan, France, Belgium, we cooked the traditional sticky rice cakes and we had given them to the children in a disable center in Hanoi, and even more, we also gave some of the cakes we made to the poor people in a fisherman`s village.

The situation there was very impressive: the people in that village live in highly poor conditions. I was feeling sad and then helpful  for the little something  we’d  done  for them.

I stayed in Hanoi until the end of the holiday, and of course, we had some fun with the other volunteers before our paths parted.

I arrived in Nam Dinh, and I must say that being a teacher is amazing.

The teachers are amazing, the students are amazing, the school and even the meals are amazing.

I was worried about few things, if i could be ready to teach, if I could be a good teacher, if I could make the childrens, the students, the people around me happy and satisfy.

I actually don’t know If I’m doing it well, If I did it well. By the way they always try to make me feel alright and I’m grateful for that  to them.

I know it’s hard to be always positive, but sometimes, I think we can say it’s easier to do that when you’re surrounded by warmly and friendly people.

The teachers follow me by giving  all the info I need to prepare the lessons for the week, and I’m taking very seriously my tasks, as everyone at  Dao Su Tich secondary school does.

What more could I ask ?

Wonderful people in the same mood, in a beautiful country, full of tradition and different customs.

Maybe I could ask two things more:

first: that our life allow us to continue in this way, and if it’s possible, I wish, even better.

second: I play soccer here, so I would like if the opponent never scores a goal to me, otherwise I hope my team will win every match.

Best regards from Vietnam!