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Volunteers Management Open Platform


Download MPV OER in .pdf version


“Volunteers Management Open Platform” is the main output of the Moving People in Volunteering project (MPV) that provides:

Information on volunteers management

reflecting all the stages of the process (preparation, selection, main actors);

Accounts of the experiences lived by the volunteers

who were involved in 5-6 months EVS mobility in Nepal, Vietnam, Kenya, Italy, France and Hungary.

MPV is a 20-month capacity building project, co-founded by the Erasmus+ programme, KA2, based on transnational cooperation between organisations active in the field of youth from different regions of the world. The main goal is to build on the exchange of experiences and best practices of each organization in the domain of volunteer management  so as to create a firm organizational structure aimed at regulating project preparation and learning path design and guaranteeing volunteers’ access to the labour market[1].

MPV aimed at:

  • promoting  young people’s social inclusion and stimulate their active participation in democratic life: during the project activities young people learnt about diversity, participation in society and volunteering and they were motivated to steer, carry out tasks and take initiative within these topics. The EVS experience, in particular, allowed them to developed  a sense of initiatives and understanding of cultural differences and communication skills for young disadvantaged people;
  • transferring knowledge and know-how gained from the project into a universal practice of volunteers management: the project improved partners’ competences in receiving, sending and coordinating volunteers. The inputs of 6 youth organisations from 3 continents added value to it and strengthened the intercultural dialogue between the countries of the partnership and beyond;
  • supporting  the professional development of staff and youth workers in managing volunteers, involving young people with a disadvantaged background, and enhancing cooperation among project partners. Participants had the possibility to cultivate their skills on how to design, run and evaluate non-formal education and training activities at local level. Partner organizations were also trained to involve and motivate youngsters with fewer opportunities in voluntary activities at a  local and international level applying effective participatory and innovative methods.

Volunteers Management Open Platform is a useful tool for other organizations and individuals who would like to be involved in volunteering activities and to develop their own. The OER is not just a guide book for managing volunteering projects, but also a report on all the local activities, designed and developed by volunteers during their EVS.

If you want to learn more about the project activities, have a look at  MPV website, ,  Facebook and Instagram profiles. In the following pages you will get information regarding:

  • European Voluntary Service
  • Selection process of EVS volunteers
  • Tools for evaluating volunteers’ learning path
  • Implementation of local workshops
  • Accounts of EVS experiences
  • Personal projects
  • Research on the humanitarian aid system

[1] https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus-plus/actions/key-action-2-cooperation-for-innovation-and-exchange-good-practices/capacity_en