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Hello and Namaste! My name is Sujan Giri and I am from Nepal. And I arrived in France on 05/01/2017. This is my first time in Europe and when I arrived my mind was empty. I generally imagine that new place, new individuals, new culture, new language, it will be so difficult for me to adapt myself here. My flat mates are so friendly. And my new mates helped me, to make understand about the surroundings and daily routines . And i really like PISTES-SOLIDAIRES and people there. I got an opportunity to learn French language, to meet new people. I like all the wonderful perspectives of here. When I wake up, I am ready to see the delightful mountain which makes me fell cool and unwind. And I am enjoying myself in my new association.  Also ,I got a chance to taste different types of French food which can be mine plus point to feel happy . France is so clean and it’s cold nowadays. Finally, I am exceptionally cheerful to be in France and work in EVS (European Volunteering Service). And also I have made some French companions, with whom I meet a few circumstances. France is just awesome.