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It is hard to imagine that our MPV project has ended, it also means I will have to leave Palermo soon.

6 months is not too long but it is enough for me to have a special experience of living and working here – a beautiful, culturally and humanly city, meeting new friends from the different countries and most importantly I became more mature.

I still remember the feeling of nervousness and anxiety when I first arrived here, a completely different environment in terms of culture, language and a lot of other things, then the time went by so fast, now I was feeling like part of this city by the special things that it has brought to me.

This is also one of my most memorable times when I was working with children, people with disabilities or helping homeless people, they not only made me realize the good values ​​of life and I had lived as more meaning and responsibility for society, that is also a motivation for me to try in my own life. Besides, it was a great help from my organization CESIE and other volunteers who made my life here happy like a second family.

To be honest, I was a bit sad at the end of the activities here as well as having to say goodbye to my friends and associates whom I have worked with,  but I hope someday in the future we may meet at other places, or I will have a chance to come back here again.