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I arrived here last Friday, January 06th. I think of having adapted myself rather fast and rather easily. I appreciated to have courses of Nepali with Yamkala. It is a good teacher and it was very useful for me. I appreciated a lot the presence of Yamkala, moreover because, it is soft, she explains well things and when she saw that we did not understand anything, whether it is in English, in Nepalese, or for something quite different, she knew how to stay calm and explain us things with patience and respect … I admit to have had more evil with Yagya, because he judged me from the beginning without knowing me and especially without trying to know me and often showed himself hurtful but, has never given the impression of realizing the impact of its words and its general attitude as well on me as on Anna or people generally.

It took time me but, I managed to feel well integrated into the teaching staff of the school and I was delighted it. As regards the pupils, I had no evil to take my place with them and to develop a relationship of trust with them. I had a little of evil to be made for me with the local teaching methods which are sometimes slightly too strict to my taste and in total opposition to the French system which is far too overliberal it on this matter ! I appreciated the complicity which was almost naturally established with the children.

I caught myself by managing to untangle me daily, to communicate in a foreign language, in a foreign country, with children not understanding still very well English and with me who did not inevitably very feel at ease with English, at the beginning. I do not like this language but at least, yet now, I feel more comfortable at the idea of having to use this language that I was not previously ! And then even daily to communicate with Anna, make my shopping, etc….. I do not know if I particularly acquired additional professional skills but, personal point of view, I feel humanely increased ! I liked that the head master enough trusts me to confide me the responsibility of certain classes during the school outings. I felt totally integrated into school life.

I am rather fast and good to adapt to local life and I regret leaving.