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Accounts of EVS Experiences

I have gained some key competences and familiarized myself with what I’m good and not good at, recognized my strengths and weaknesses in various areas of my professional as well and personal life. During my EVS mobility I did many activities in different local centres working with disabled people that changed my perspective on the whole topic”.

Felix Nzeki Mutula

22, Kenya - EVS in Italy

“I enjoyed a lot the extracurricular activities, like hiking, cooking competition, science exhibition, where I had the possibility to spend time with the students in an informal way. They were more themselves, natural and open minded”.

Anna Etelka Szollar

28, Hungary - EVS in Nepal

“I was a Geography and Math teacher. I started my EVS experience in a primary school located in Nairobi. I also get the opportunity to teach in a secondary school as a geography teacher twice a week”.

Arpad Krokovay

28, Hungary - EVS in Kenya

After 6 months, I’ve collected a bunch of experience: workshops, research and animation activities using non-formal education methods. It gave me the opportunity  to work on new subjects as well as to meet new people. I’m really thankful!  I hope in the future, more and more volunteers get chance to discover another country and awesome skills as I did, so that people in need could receive some help – effectively and timely”.

Nguyen Thu Huyen

24, Vietnam - EVS in France

“During the EVS program I have been involved in different activities with volunteers, coming from different countries. .I learnt and shared ideas and experiences.  Now I think  I have more experience in as a social worker  So, I would like to be a youth worker”

Dilip Kumar Hajara

24, Nepal - EVS in Hungary

“The activity that I appreciated the most it is to teach the children because they were curious, attentive and charming”.

Emeline Nadège Prisca Pallatier

26, France, EVS in Nepal

One of the most memorable things was working with children, people with disabilities and helping homeless people. They not only made me understand positive values, but taught me how to live a meaningful and responsible life”.

Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc

27, Vietnam - EVS in Italy

“I did many workshops, and I’ve learnt how to manage my time, communicate with people, handle different  situations and make snap decisions. I feel so happy I got to understand another culture, discover different culinary traditions enjoy music. EVS taught me how to transform ideas into actions”.

Sujan Giri

20, Nepal - EVS in France

“I’m quite happy of what I did during this volunteering experience because I grew up as a person.. I enjoyed working and giving lessons to children from 8 to 11 years old”.

Lucie Dejean

28, France - EVS in Vietnam

“I witnessed extreme poverty, and I was touched by that. I also taught English as I expected, I made some more connections with people from all over the world, and I spent six months in Vietnam always being  serious, active and friendly”.

Costantino Siino

28, Italy - EVS in Vietnam

“I learnt to be autonomous in many fields, I got  to know many people, both in my host families and in the project. I adapted myself to the local food and habits. I liked working at the project, interacting with children and teachers, because I had the opportunity to spend time with the locals and know much about them. We became friends and I enriched my knowledge and personal experience”.

Lucia Pincerato

26, Italy - EVS in Kenya

“I applied for the position. I explained my situation and they gave me time to finda project , because they thought I was good and deserved this chance. So give yourself a chance. When I got to Hungary, I was introduced to my mentor, a person who supported me during the project. we shared our experiences and the challenges that we were  facing within and outside of the project. I hardly had problems here so most of the time we just talk about the tasks that Iwas responsible for”. 

Mercy Awino Osongo

24, Kenya - EVS in Hungary