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Moving People in Volunteering

The MVP project aims at building on the exchange of experience and best practices regards the volunteers’ handling at each organization, creating a firm structure for their project preparation, learning path, empowerment, motivation, growing and entry into the labour market.

Moving people!

Supporting the professional development of staff and youth workers in managing volunteers, involving young people in mobility experiences: training course, EVS mobility that stimulate active citizens’ participation, sense of initiatives and understanding of cultural differences.

Training Course

The TC “Volunteerism and social inclusion” provided innovative tools and methods for youth work focused on development of knowledge and competences on how to involve and empower youngsters with fewer opportunities through volunteering involved 36 participants from 5th to 13th of September 2016 from Kenya, Nepal, Viet Nam, Hungary, France and Italy.

European Voluntary Service

EVS mobility for 12 volunteers coming from Kenya, Nepal, Viet Nam, Hungary, France and Italy in the field of international volunteering. The aim is to enhance personal and professional competences of the volunteers and to support the hosting organisation through non-formal education method.


Open Blog

Story of EVS volunteers! Free and open source blogging platform created by EVS volunteers in which they describe the mobility experience. Through articles the volunteers share their feelings, local activities and daily life with other young people and potential volunteers…


OER as a tool for managing volunteers and volunteer projects. The OER collect and further disseminate useful information about the mobility experiences, while offering management solutions to the organisations working with volunteers. The tool will contain information on managing EVS mobility and international volunteers in general, how to create and implement activities.

My experience in Vietnam

My experience in Vietnam

It's a warm and busy fall in Palermo. Like a thunder I get noticed there is an opportunity to join a long term volunteer project in Vietnam, thanks to CESIE and Sj Vietnam, the two Ngo's which had created the project. It sounds more than...
Once upon a time my opinion and my cultural heritage...

Once upon a time my opinion and my cultural heritage about Vietnam

Once upon a time an overall consideration about the countries of Southest Asia. Once upon a time my opinion, my cultural heritage, based on movies and books and music, about Vietnam. My western citizen`s perspective it was. Altough there was my experience of...

Good values ​​of life and responsibility for society

It is hard to imagine that our MPV project has ended, it also means I will have to leave Palermo soon. 6 months is not too long but it is enough for me to have a special experience of living and working here - a beautiful, culturally and humanly city, meeting new...

New reality and new perspectives

Hello and Namaste! My name is Sujan Giri and I am from Nepal. And I arrived in France on 05/01/2017. This is my first time in Europe and when I arrived my mind was empty. I generally imagine that new place, new individuals, new culture, new language, it will be so...

France through my lens

Time flies like in a blink of an eye – it was almost a month since the first day I put my footprint in beautiful France. My life is fulfilling with every emotions go through: surprised, amazed, happy, expected, curious, hopeful and lonely. It’s impossible to forget...

A new beginning full of enthusiasm

January 2017, the beginning of a new year when I decided to leave my job to come up Palermo as an EVS volunteer within MPV project has become a very special decision for me. I come from Vietnam, a small South Asian country and really far from Italy, with much...

My home away from home

It’s my first month in Palermo already and it feels like it’s just yesterday when I arrived as a new volunteer, how fast time flies. Remembering my first day when I arrived here and the CESIE staff received me with open arms, since then I’ve liked everyone working...
I caught myself by managing to untangle me daily

I caught myself by managing to untangle me daily

I arrived here last Friday, January 06th. I think of having adapted myself rather fast and rather easily. I appreciated to have courses of Nepali with Yamkala. It is a good teacher and it was very useful for me. I appreciated a lot the presence of Yamkala, moreover...

Local Workshops

During the
EVS mobility, each group of EVS volunteers will organise 3 local workshops
through non- formal method involving local youngsters.

Volunteering as a mean of empowerment and social inclusion

Based on participative methods youngsters have the possibility to feel the benefit – personal and professional – of being involved in local/international volunteering activities.

Understanding diversity and promoting intercultural dialogue

Focused on intercultural exchanges will lead the youngster to experience their cultural relativism and to evaluate positively the enrichment of diversity.


Encourage young people participation in the democratic process and in society

Youngsters can express their will for the future of their society and can discuss concretely about how to translate their valuable ideas into future involvement.